Stop Loss Order: An Investor’s Friend


Stop loss orders can be used as a great tool for investors in different kinds of market situations.  If you know how to use it properly, you can integrate it into any strategy.  It may even help you automate the process of selling.

Stop Loss Order written on an emergency button

In this article, we’ll get to know stop loss orders better, and you’ll find out why you definitely need to use this in your trading.

What are Stop Loss Orders?

Stop loss orders are oftentimes compared to free insurance policies.  This is because it can save you some money in case the trade does not go as planned.

In the stock market, this means that if you’re holding 100 shares of company A at $100 per share and you don’t want to lose more than 10 percent of your investment, then a stop loss order will automatically sell your shares if A drops lower than $90 at  any time. 

In other words, a stop loss order can put a cap on your potential losses.

Stop Order Types

In general, there are two types of stop loss orders: stop market orders and stop limit orders.
Stop market orders will sell the shares allotted at the market the moment the order is activated.  If the stop price is $50 per share, then once the stock reaches this predetermined price, a market order will be placed instantly to sell the desired position.

Stop limit orders, on the other hand, will automatically place a limit order when the trigger price is hit.  When you place a stop limit order, the investor needs to find out what limit order you want.  This is usually a setup for more experienced investors since it provides more control over the final sell price of the position, though it also comes with some extra risks.

Why You Should Use Stops

There are many reasons investors should use stop loss orders.


As mentioned above, stop loss orders can be used as free insurance against losses.  This is the primary reason many investors take advantage of stop orders.

Automated trading

Investors don’t have to worry about being present for a stop loss to be triggered.

Spurs Discipline

Since you’ll be compelled to stick to a strategy, investors can become more consistent and successful in the longer run.  This can very well be a method of minimizing losses every trade.


It’s very much like the “set and forget” approach to trading.  There is very minimal complexity in the system as long as you’ve familiarized yourself with the characteristics of every stop order and trade.


Different traders can use stop loss orders in many different ways.  For more advanced traders, the use of stop limit orders provides further options on how to maneuver a position if the stop level has already been triggered.

Plucks Market Emotions

If a trade listens to his or her emotions (fear, greed, excitement, anxiety) all the time, he couldn’t expect to be successful in trading in the longer haul.  Stop loss orders can remove emotions altogether.


Stop loss orders are an investor’s friend because it helps traders control and minimize their potential losses in each and every trade.  With ample knowledge about the ways to maximize its uses, a trader will find that he or she is insured against large losses.

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