5 Powerful Tips when Using a Forex Demo Account


Forex demo accounts are really helpful for rookies and beginners. If you’re a new kid on the block, this is the first thing you should learn to use. A demo account gives you loads of chances to prepare yourself for a real trading experience.

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If you already have a forex demo account, here are some tips that you could definitely use to make the most out of it. Read on!

Tip 1: Imitate your real situation

Having a forex demo account lets you experiment with different currency pairs and lot sizes. However, it’s more effective when you try to reflect on your demo account your real circumstances.

If you wouldn’t place an order worth $10,000, try not to do it on a demo account. This way, you’ll get a more realistic feel of what you can get or lose in trading.

Tip 2: Record everything you do

Another way to maximize the benefits you can get from a forex demo account is to keep logs and records of the things you do. List down the strategies you try to use and record the outcomes and the possible alternatives if the tactic doesn’t work.

Review these things over and over again, so that when you go on real trading, you would know what to expect and which trades are dangerous.

Tip 3: Try as many strategies as possible

Using a forex demo account also lets you experiment with all the possible tactics there are. Therefore, it’s the best time to put theories into practice.

If you want to modify a strategy and see if it could work out, try it out by all means. This could give you a better view of the forex trading landscape. You’ll also get a better idea of the dangers and risks that a forex trader faces each time he or she tries to make a winning trade.

Tip 4: Take note of your reactions

You should also write down how you feel every time you lose a trade. This will help you prepare yourself against the ups and downs of the currency market.

A huge number of traders are a bundle of nerves, wrecking their investments when triggered by a sudden market movement that goes against their favor. Take advantage of a forex demo account by trying to brace yourself against a possible loss. And here’s where tip 5 comes into play.

Tip 5: Treat is as if it were real

Perhaps the most effective way to maximize the benefits you can get from a forex demo account is to treat it as if your whole trading career depends on it.

The main idea is to keep it as close to reality as possible. This is the best single way to have realistic feel of the currency market before you go out there and dish out real money. If you think of a demo account as a real account, you’ll be more careful and you’ll make wise decisions, which you can then adapt when using a real trading account.


A forex demo account is a great tool to become extremely prepared to face the turbulence of the currency market. Using such an account can help you determine a lot of things, such as your risk tolerance and how you should use different strategies. Try out swing trading, momentum trading, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and other things that you could possibly test on a demo account.

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